Statement 2023

Women’s strike October 24th 2023!

We demand that the undervaluing of female dominated occupations will be corrected!

We demand that employers stop receiving a discount on women’s and non-binary people’s wages!

We demand special action to raise the wages of the lowest paid women and non-binary people, because nobody should live in poverty!

We demand that wage inequality and discrimination will be ended!

We demand that women and non-binary people can make a living wage and have the same opportunities for professional development as men!

We demand that disabled women and non-binary people have access to job opportunities that improve their financial situation!

We demand that the skills and education of women of foreign origin is recognised!

We demand that women and non-binary people will no longer be punished for the unpaid labour they do in the homes over the course of their lives, that leads to lower pensions!

We demand a real effort from society to eradicate prejudice against people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people, people of foreign origin and other marginalized groups.

We demand that men take an equal share of the responsibility that women and non-binary people carry. 

That they take responsibility for unpaid labour in their homes and care for family members!

That they take responsibility for the mental load!

We demand that women and non-binary people are freed from the financial shackles of their abusers. 

That women and non-binary people receive support to build their financial freedom after having gone through gender-based and financial violence!

We demand justice and legal remedies for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence!

We demand that perpetrators are made responsible and sexual freedom is respected!

That women and non-binary people are safe from violence and harassment at work, in the home and in public space!

That gender-based and sexual violence will be eliminated!

We demand that politicians make the demands of the Women’s Strike a priority!