In front of Arnarhóll (red)

Kalkofnsvegur between Hverfisgata and Geirsgata.

Closed between Monday, October 23 at 18:00 and Tuesday, October 24 at 19:00

Around Arnarhóll (gult)

  • Amtmannsstígur west of Skólastræti
  • Lækjargata north of Skólabrú up until Hverfisgata. 
  • Bankastræti west of Ingólfsstræti
  • Hverfisgata west of Ingólfsstræti
  • Ingólfsstræti from Hverfisgata to Skúlagata
  • Skúlagata from Ingólfsstræti to Faxagata

Closed between 11-16, Tuesday, October 24.

Lokað frá kl. 11.00 – 16.00  þriðjudaginn 24. október.  

P-card parking

Parking for people with reduced mobiliyt is at Skúlagata. A wheelchair ramp will be situated in front of the stage.