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Calculating the Time of the Strike

The time of departure for women is calculated as the percentage of “income from work” that women get compared to men, the “gender overall earnings gap”. Important: This is not the unexplained “gender pay gap”.

The reason we do not use the unexplained pay gap is that we feel that it does not represent inequality in society. There are many variables which explain parts of the pay gap, for example women’s labor participation, women who work part-time work due to family and household responsibilities, gender segregation in the labor market (“women’s jobs” that get lower pay), power and influence (board members and managerial positions), longer absences from work due to childbirth, gender stereotyping, etc. Although these factors explain the pay gap, they do not justify women’s lower pay!

The numbers we use in Iceland are the “gender overall earnings gap”, tax statistics from Statistcs Iceland. They show that working women get 26% lower income from work than men. According to Icelandic law the working week is 40 hours.

To keep it simple we assume that the working day is 8 hours (8*60=480 minutes). Transferring that into the time women can leave is: (1-0,26)*480=355 which gives 5 hours and 55 minutes. In a working day from 9 am to 5 pm, that means that women leave at 2:55 pm.

The time of the Icelandic strike is calculated from this table, with the variables “Income from work” and “Mean conditional” chosen.

Emblems of Kvennafrí

Valerie Pettis,, designed the logo used by the United Nations Decade for Women 1975-1985, a stylised dove intersected by the symbols for equality and for women. This symbol remains the official symbol of UN Women and is often used in celebrations for International Women’s Day.

In Iceland, this image is emblematic of Kvennafrí, since it was used to promote the original women’s strike of 1975. Valerie has graciously given the women of Iceland permission to use her logo to promote Kvennafrí, now and in the future, for use as long as we reproduce it without altering the drawing of it and we credit her close to the logo in every instance of the its use. Thanks, Valerie!

Helga Guðrún Magnúsdóttir incorporated Valerie’s image in the official logo of Kvennafrí 2018, as well as designing the image with the official slogan of this year’s strike: Don’t Change Women, Change the World!

Videos from Kvennafrí 2016

The organizers of Kvennafrí 2016 recorded the protests in Reykjavík on the Women’s Day Off in 2016. Here is a dropbox link to raw video footage :

The video is free to use with attribution: “Kvennafrí 2016”.