Dear Women!

Early this September, various women’s and labor organizations in Reykjavík got together and decided to call for a Kvennafrí demonstration – a womens day off on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018!

The official slogan of the Kvennafrí 2018 protest is: “Breytum ekki konum, breytum samfélaginu” or “Stop Changing Women, Change Society”.

We need all women in Iceland to stand together to fight for justice in the workplace and equal rights! We are organizing a protest meeting on Arnarhóll in Reykjavík, but as not all women in Iceland will be able to attend, we would like to offer aid to women across the country and help them protest in their hometowns.

Already, women in several towns in Iceland have been in touch to let us know that they are planning protests, and information about those plans are added immediately to Kvennafrí.is.

Please contact us with information about protests you are planning in your hometown on October 24th at kvennafri2018[@]

Also, please remember to take pictures of protests in your hometown and send them to us, so we can add them to this website, to social media and document it in the final report of Kvennafrí 2018.

We can supply:

  • Printed posters for Kvennafrí 2018 (you can write in the place and time of your meeting). These posters are already in most towns in Reykjavík, after being distributed at the congress of Kvenfélagasamband Íslands in October. Contact us so that we can put you in touch with the women in your hometown who have the posters! You can also download a version that is easily printed on office printers, here.
  • Banner for an event page on Facebook. Download here. (Remember to send us the link!)
  • Profile pictures for social media, two versions, here og here.
  • A women’s choir will sing the Icelandic cry for arms/protest song “Áfram stelpur” (“Go Girls”) at the meeting in Reykjavík and we can provide the notes and text if choirs or just groups of women want to sing the song in your hometown!
  • During the meeting of women’s organizations in Reykjavík, it was declared that it very important that the protest would include all women in Iceland, also immigrant women, who in many cases lack the support networks native-born women have and are therefore especially vulnerable to violations of rights at the workplace and violence. The website of Kvennafrí 2018 is in various languages, translations being provided by members of W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland. The full website is available in Icelandic, English and Polish, and shorter versions are available in Albanian, Chinese, Czech, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian and Spanish. Please let us know if you want to help in the translation 🙂

Contact Us!

On behalf of the organizing committee for Kvennafrí 2018,
Maríanna Clara Lúthersdóttir, tel.( +354) 695-2702