A striking year

The year 2010 marks a number of milestones in women‘s history in Iceland

This year marks 95 years from women‘s suffrage, 80 years from the establishment of KVENFÉLAGASAMBAND ÍSLANDS, 40 years from the establishment of the Red Stockings Movement, 35 years from the first Women‘s Day Off, 30 years from the election of Mrs. Vigdis Finnbogadottir, 20 years from the establishment of Stigamot, and 15 years from the approval of the Beijing Platform for Action, to name a few.

To honor these occasions many clubs and associations related to the women‘s movement have joined hands to plan an international calendar of events for October 24-25, with the slogan: Women Strike Back 2010.

The agenda of Women Strike Back 2010 is dedicated to the demand of justice to survivors of sexual abuse.

Statistics show that for each survivor in Iceland there exist at least three abusers.   Statistics also show that one of every three women in Iceland is sexually abused at least once in her lifetime. At the same time within 5% of the abusers are convicted for their hideous crimes,  despite legal reforms of past decades and despite a growing public awareness of the serious consequences these harmful offences lead to.  With the abusers almost invisible in the eyes of the courts of law, the shame and guilt of this deep rooted social harm, falls upon the survivors of rape, sexual molestation, sexual harassment, pornographic exploitation and prostitution.